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Hillsborough Acupuncture is a practice that supports family health. We treat patients of all ages and use many modalities to do so. We offer Acupuncture, Acupressure, Laser Acupuncture, Ear Seeds, Electric Stimulation, Cranial  Electric Stimulation, Cupping, Gua Sha, Tuina and Herbal Formulas. We like to provide an individualized treatment approach that is custom tailored to the patient's needs. We are always expanding and integrating new modalities in order to provide the most up to date supportive care for all of our patients.

Acupuncture has proven effective in treating a wide array of conditions; most of them are listed below.


What can Acupuncture treat?  

  • Acute Pain (injury)
  • Chronic Pain (low back, neck/shoulder, sciatica, knee, fibromyalgia...)
  • Headaches, Migraines
  • Stress Management
  • Anxiety issues (adults / children)
  • Allergies 
  • Women's Health/ Hormonal Imbalances
  • Irregular Cycle, PMS, PCOS, Endometriosis
  • Pre-menopause, Menopause 
  • Fertility (Female / Male)
  • Pregnancy Concerns 
  • Labour Preparation
  • Post-natal Care (lactation suport)
  • Digestive issues
  • Sleep Disorders 
  • Autoimmune Conditions 
  • Neurological Disorders 
  • Immunity
  • Pediatric Care 
  • and much more....

What modalities do we use ?



Acupuncture is part of a medical system that originated in China over 3000 years ago. Acupuncture focuses on the root cause of a problem, utilizing the body's own ability to heal itself when given the proper tools.  It utilizes single-use disposable hair-thin needles to elicit a response in the body that helps resume homeostasis. There is an abundance of research done on acupuncture's effect on the body and its benefits for our health. Acupuncture is gentle and effective and deeply relaxing and is becoming very much part of the mainstream medical care. Many medical professionals appreciate its positive effects especially in the treatment of chronic pain as an alternative to opioids. 



Cupping is an excellent add-on to treatment for pain and inflammation as it increases blood flow to an area that needs repair. Its benefits are well studied and include loosening adhesions, draining local excess fluid and revitalizing connective tissue. Some of the world's top athletes use cupping to speed up muscle recovery after training and competition. The circular marks it leaves on the body were made famous by Olympic athletes during the 2016 Olympic Games. Cupping can decrease recovery time after exercise and help prevent injury by optimizing blood flow. It helps loosen up tight muscles and decrease inflammation common with arthritis. 


Auricular Acupuncture  

Auricular Acupuncture has been around for centuries and brought back into popularity in the 1950s by French MD Paul Nogier. Nogier discovered that the anatomy of the ear was a mirror of the body and needling specific  areas in the ear could positively affect that corresponding area in the body. Ear acupuncture can treat a variety of pain conditions and addiction issues and has been used extensively with Army Veterans through the system called Battlefield Acupuncture. It has proven very valuable when treating neurological issues without having to needle body points. Ear seeds can also be used in place of needles and allow for good results for patients who have a fear of needles ( as well as kids).

What are Patients saying ?

Vanessa's treatments always make me feel so much better. Her treatments have improved my sleep and stress level considerably. I feel like a weight is lifted after a treatment. I can manage my anxiety better and she puts "ear seeds" on points in my ears for stress and to maintain the effects of the treatment for days afterwards. It really makes a difference!

Amy,  Sleep & Stress

Let me preface this review by saying I had an amazing acupuncturist in my hometown, which is now too far away for me to get back to. I hunted for a new one and was referred to V​anessa by a friend and have now a new acupuncturist that all others may never live up to!! She has helped me with back problems and anxiety. Incredible! Along with her friendly nature, she is brilliant and has so much knowledge on an array of different things related to health! I am so blessed to have found her.

Christy, Back Pain & Anxiety

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