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General Wellness

Stress Management  

Acupuncture is excellent at calming the nervous system and decreasing the fight or flight response. The effects are long lasting and can help your brain shift out of a sympathetic dominant state (think high stress). Acupuncture treatment can bring your brain wavelength back into a theta state where you will experience deep relaxation. Since so many conditions are aggravated by stress, lowering it can affect blood pressure, cardiovascular health, autoimmune issues and much more.  


According to the American Sleep Association, between 50 to 70 million of Americans suffer from sleep disorders. Whether you have trouble quieting the mind at night, wake up with hot flushes or lay awake and can't fall back to sleep, we will work to find the root cause and implement changes to positively affect your sleep patterns. Not only do patients routinely fall asleep on the table during treatments, but they also report an improvement of sleep afterwards.

Immunity & Allergies 

Clinical studies have demonstrated that acupuncture can be used as a preventative approach to colds, it can also decrease the spread of infection in the body, and shorten the duration of illness. In one study the electric stimulation of the point ST36 was able to increase both cytokines and helper T-cells, the latter playing an integral part in the immune system's fight against microbes. Acupuncture is also able to modulate the histamine release and in doing so helps lessen allergy symptoms in adults and children. Start allergy treatments ahead of allergy season for best outcomes.


Digestive concerns are a very common occurrence with issues such as constipation, malabsorption, food sensitivities and IBS. We will discuss diet, supplements and possibly food allergy testing if needed. Acupuncture can offer lasting benefits and the improvements can be seen quickly. 

A nxiety  

Anxiety has become a constant complaint across all ages in the last few years. In children, we treat it with acupuncture or laser and ear seeds. In adults, it is important to assess whether nutritional deficiencies play a role in anxiety. Acupuncture helps rebalance the autonomic nervous system and get out of "fight or flight" mode. We use ear seeds to help lengthen the benefits of the acupuncture treatments. We also offer Sound Healing with our sessions and Cranial Electric Stimulation when appropriate. 

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