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Women's Health

Menstrual Issues 

Acupuncture and herbs can address a variety of menstrual cycle issues: irregular cycles, PMS, amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, PCOS, and many more. During your consultation we will talk extensively about your cycle and ways to improve it and possible additional tests to determine the root cause of your hormonal issues. 


Acupuncture and herbs can help with egg quality, quality and thickness of the uterine lining, reduce FSH, promote cycle regularity, increase fertile cervical mucus and help prevent miscarriage. Clinically studied acupuncture protocols increase chance of implantation with both IUI and IVF procedures. 


Acupuncture is safe during pregnancy and can help with nausea, back pain, constipation, hormonal headaches, fetal development and labour preparation. It can also help turn a breech baby!

Postnatal care 

Acupuncture can help you recover from childbirth and support you in your breastfeeding journey by increasing breastmilk production. It can also provide you with 30 minutes of peace and quiet where you can recharge your batteries and focus on self care. 


During peri-menopause and menopause, hormonal fluctuations can cause hot flushes, night sweating and overall dryness. Acupuncture and herbs can provide support during this transition and make it smoother and less noticeable. 

Family Care & Pediatrics  

From newborn to adolescent, nobody is too young for acupuncture. We use acupressure, laser and sometimes acupuncture to address various pediatric issues, from allergies, asthma, skin disorders, sleep, digestion, to anxiety and ADD/ADHD.

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